The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA) has published the outcome of their recent Board election and Referendum. SFWA represents most successful writers in speculative fiction.

Effective July 1, 2023, the SFWA Board of Directors will be made up of the following members:

(Their best known work in parenthesis)

  • Jeffe Kennedy, President  (The Twelve Kingdoms)
  • John Murphy, Vice President  (Red Noise)
  • Jasmine Gower, Secretary  (Moonshine)
  • Erin Hartshorn, Chief Financial Officer  (Boston Technowitch Novels)
  • Directors-at-Large Monica Valentinelli, Jordan Kurella, Christine Taylor-Butler, Chelsea Mueller, and Phoebe Barton

Departing the SFWA Board on June 30 will be directors Remy Nakamura and José Pablo Iriarte.

REFERENDUMS. Previously, genre writers of poetry and translators of fiction could not use those portions of their paid work as part of their catalog when applying to join SFWA or to upgrade their membership classification. But SFWA members have just voted to approve two resolutions to accept those qualifications:

(I) Paid SFF and related genre poetry sales shall be considered for the purposes of determining eligibility for membership in SFWA.

(II) Payment for SFF and related genre translation work shall be considered for the purposes of determining eligibility for membership in SFWA by the translator.

The SFWA Board says, “We’ll publicly announce when the organization is ready to begin taking applications that include poetry and translated works.”  

Current membership requires that an author publish a novel or 3 short stories with a major publisher. Translations have been a topic since the 70s, and now they are being allowed for membership. The Hugo Award has been given to translations, beginning with The Three-Body Problem translated by multi-award winning Ken Liu in 2015. Translations have been nominated for the Nebula.

There is an active Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association that’s worth checking out, they even have a minimalist section for busy people!

The The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association votes on the prestigious Nebula Awards, Grand Master Award, and many other notable awards, plus advocacy and financial aid for authors, forums, conferences, etc.

Here are the 2023 Nebula winners.


Here’s a recent blog from the new President Here.

A pair of Nebulas won by George RR Martin.


David Raiklen
David Raiklen

David Raiklen wrote, directed and scored his first film at age 9. He began studying keyboard and composing at age 5. He attended, then taught at UCLA, USC and CalArts. Among his teachers are John Williams and Mel Powel.
He has worked for Fox, Disney and Sprint. David has received numerous awards for his work, including the 2004 American Music Center Award. Dr. Raiklen has composed music and sound design for theater (Death and the Maiden), dance (Russian Ballet), television (Sing Me a Story), cell phone (Spacey Movie), museums (Museum of Tolerance), concert (Violin Sonata ), and film (Appalachian Trail).
His compositions have been performed at the Hollywood Bowl and the first Disney Hall. David Raiken is also host of a successful radio program, Classical Fan Club.