is the world’s leading sci-fi, geek and pop culture radio station.

We play an eclectic mix of music from the entire spectrum of nerd culture, and we even have geek DJ’s. We also play scintillating talk shows, and radio serials old and new. It’s all family safe, too, so the whole family can enjoy listening.

The station was created as Krypton Radio by Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox who, in 2009, wanted a geek radio station to listen to while gaming in the popular online MMO, Second Life. The station officially changed its name from Krypton Radio to on January 25th, 2021.

From its inception through today, has been the best loved (and frequently only) geek and pop culture radio station on the entire planet. With its staff of award winning writers and journalists, you can rely on for accuracy in reporting.

Our Staff

Station Management Susan L. Fox, Executive Producer
Gene Turnbow, CEO, Creative Director and Station Manager
Editors Gene Turnbow, Editor in Chief
Thaddeus Howze, Asst. Editor
Production Coordinator Caitlin “Cat” Carter
Staff Writers Shawn “Obi-Shawn” Crosby
Jeff “Solo” Donoho
Susan L. Fox
Ellen “Blade” McMicking
Gary DaBaum
Thaddeus Howze (“The Answer Man”)
Brandon Long
Susan Macdonald
Ryan Miorelli
Ivan Majstorovic
Bekah Platzer
Myk Price
David Raiklen
MrVestek, of MrVestek’s Outpost
Gene Turnbow
Station Staff
Susan Fox
Gene Turnbow
Steve “MrVestek” Kay
James Kennedy (“Chaotix”)
Gary DaBaum
Gabriel Gentile
Lara Beilby
Shawn “Obi-Shawn” Crosby
Jeff “Solo” Donoho
Colleen “Kaylee” Crosby

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We are affiliated with Helium Beach, the SF/F imprint of Krypton Media Group. We count and as our sister sites; they are owned and operated by Fandom Charities.

1 Yes, we know there are other radio stations that claim this or have claimed it in the past besides us. Despite the name change in January of 2021, only has been in continuous operation for more than twelve years, and only sticks to the geek and pop culture format 24 hours a day.

2 When we say “immediately on publication”, we mean right now. No waiting until the current accounting cycle is done, no net 30, now. A penny a word, by the way, isn’t very much. We know that. But we’re working on it, and everybody who writes for us can make the indisputable claim that they were paid to do it. If you’re trying to get your first sale, this can be everything. Don’t be afraid to try. We might be your first “yes”.


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