Jos Verboven aka Brainvoyager – Feb 2021


In August 2015 the UK based radio station West Star Radio asked me if I would like to do a weekly radio show. I said “Yes”, and we agreed upon me doing a weekly radio show dedicated to electronic music of various styles. That is how radio show Electronic Fusion of Brainvoyager was born. The very first episode was broadcast on 18 September 2015.

Nowadays Electronic Fusion is broadcast by four radio stations, of which SCIFI.Radio is the largest. The show also has the support of six renowned record labels that provide their releases for airplay, thus hugely enabling the show to showcase the newest music from artists from all over the world.

Electronic Fusion does not want to feature and to promote just the world’s best known and most famous electronic artists and bands. Therefore, the show highly encourages music submissions from electronic (indie) artists and bands coming from all over the world. See this page as to how you can submit music and what requirements the music submitted has to meet.

To promote artists and bands who are featured in the show even more, they also have a promotional page on Electronic Music of Brainvoyager. See this page for an overview of the already featured artists and bands.

Electronic Fusion on Mixcloud

The broadcast times of radio show Electronic Fusion of all 4 radio stations are well divided over all days of the week. However, in case you do not like the broadcast schedules, or if you have missed an episode, or if you want to re-listen an episode of Electronic Fusion, you are lucky. You can listen to Electronic Fusion on Mixcloud whenever you want and as many times you want.

Every Sunday around 11:00 am PST/PDT the latest episode becomes available on the show’s Mixcloud channel.

Broadcast hours

Electronic Fusion is a two-hour program and may be heard every Sunday morning at 9 am Pacific / 12 pm Eastern / 17:00 GMT here on It is also be heard on the German radio station Modul303, the German radio station Radio dark Tunnel and on Electronic Music Radio from Chile and Venezuela.