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You can boost the popularity of your web site and help us out at the same time by adding a graphic link to SCIFI.radio. Here is a collection of graphics you can use to add the famous twin blue planets to your geek web site, your radio station directory, or your personal blog.

If you need a special size not presented here, download the largest of the images presented and use your favorite graphics editor to scale it to the correct size.

Note that you are not permitted to alter the images presented here except for changing their size as fits your needs. The distinctive Scifi rockets with the dual blue planets logo is TM Krypton Media Group.

To download an image, right-click on the link and select “Save Link As…”

SCIFI.radio Logos

JPG Files (white background)

PNG Files (transparent background)

SCIFI.Radio Badges

JPG Files (white background)

PNG Files (transparent background)

Make sure the link works

Please make sure that when you click on the image you display on your web site, that it links back to us here at https://scifi.radio.

Thanks, and may this bring each of us good traffic, good business, and good fortune!