We often joke here at SCIFI.radio that we wonder if anybody outside of planet Earth hears us. A few days ago, we got a startling confirmation.

Apparently there’s this remote fueling and trade station called Mr. Vestek’s Outpost in the Asteroid Belt, a few million clicks spinward of Ceres, and it’s owned by a guy who calls himself Mr. Vestek. To keep from losing his mind during the long waits between visits from the mining and trading ships that pass his way, Mr. Vestek broadcasts a radio show.

Vestek picked up our signal somehow – apparently somebody’s relaying our internet signal over a radio beam somewhere – and sent us a message asking us if he could broadcast to Earth via SCIFI.radio. How could we possibly refuse a request like that?

Tune in each Friday at 3 pm ET / 12 PM PT and you’ll hear Mr. Vestek’s Output live, for two full hours.
The show airs again Monday at 6 am ET / 3 am PT.

We have no idea what he’s going to broadcast. Sometimes he actually breaks into the signal anyway.  It could be anything. But isn’t it worth the risk?

Follow MrVestek on Facebook,  and on Twitter as @MrVestek, and on his YouTube Channel, where he dives into the world of the Raspberry Pi (among other geeky topics).

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MrVestek’s Outpost ran live on SCIFI.radio for six years, from 2017 to 2023. These recordings are some of his best episodes.