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Eric Coleman’s ‘FilkCast’ is an amazing c show dedicated to a unique artifact of sci-fi fandom: filk music. There are few, if any, like it in the world, and it is the only one on a radio station dedicated to sci-fi fandom.

So much of the music played on is actually fan-made music, or “filk”. Now there’s a show on dedicated to this marvelous phenomenon, the music the fans make themselves about the fandoms they love. The show is created and produced by Eric Coleman.

FilkCast started when Coleman was driving back from OVFF (the Ohio Valley Filk Fest) a couple years ago. There wasn’t much in the way of sources for online filk, a couple of online stores, but not many places where you could listen to or find out about new filk music. Eric had the technology, and the beginnings of the library, so he ran a test.

He hoped for 20 to 25 downloads. A couple of days later, and with over 100 downloads, FilkCast became a thing. It ran for over a year coming out twice a week, but with the stay at home orders, and the massive amount of filk events going on around the net, it went weekly in April 2020.

He continues to play the best of filk, both new and old, with frequent plays of Nerdcore, Steampunk and other related genres. And hey, if you have stuff out there, point him at your music. He’s always looking for more!

You can hear FilkCast every Wednesday right here on, at 7 am ET / 4 am PT, and again at 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT.

To send it suggestions, you can reach Eric at the FilkCast web site, or email us at and we’ll forward the message.