The Adventures of Superman

You Will Believe A Man Can Sound Like He’s Flying

The classic radio serial, The Adventures of Superman, began airing on SCIFI.radio on April 1, 2013.  We are airing all 2,194 episodes in original broadcast order, and the show airs each day of the week, three times a day.

Air times

  • 2AM Pacific / 5AM Eastern
  • 6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern

Starring the immortal Bud Collier as Superman, this groundbreaking radio drama originally aired from 1940 to 1951, beginning on New York’s WOR as a syndicated program.

“The Adventures Os Superman” radio show introduced many of the essential elements of the Superman mythos.  For example, the newspaper where Clark Kent was employed changed from “The Daily Flash” to the familiar “Daily Planet”, and the paper’s editor from “George Taylor” to “Perry White” (Great Ceasar’s Ghost!).  The show is also responsible for introducing Superman’s famous weakness, Kryptonite.  The character of Jimmy Olsen was developed largely in this series, setting a platform of interaction between Clark, Lois, and Jimmy, which was to become a staple in both the comics and all future Superman media adaptions.

Superman was also used as a vehicle to get gets to brush their teeth, eat their vegetables and stay in school – these advertisements were the first radio public service announcements!

Clayton “Bud” Collyer provided the voice for Superman and Clark Kent.  Collyer was the first actor to portray Superman, and was certainly one of the best.  Noted for his distinct ability to display a clear difference between Clark Kent and Superman, Collyer went on to voice Superman in the Fleischer animated serials in the 1940?s, and in the Filmation Superman cartoons of the 1960?s.

If you’re new to this radio series, you’ll be amazed at how much fun it is to listen and how engaging it is – and if you’re familiar with it, you’re certain to hear episodes you’ve never heard before.  It’s the perfect show for every serious fan of the Man of Steel.

There aren’t many science fiction radio stations in the world (nearly all are podcasts, not radio stations, or specialize on one television show or movie series), and we’re doing our best to be the best.  We think that as fans of SCIFI.radio, you deserve our best effort.

Keep listening to SCIFI.radio.  And watch the skies.