Girl Genius is one of the most popular and successful web comic series in the world. Today we have learned that the United States Library of Congress has determined that what has been created by writer / artists Phil & Kaja Foglio and their colorist Cheyenne Wright is not only popular, but important. The gaslamp fantasy adventure series has been given a permanent place in the Library of Congress online archives.

From Phil Foglio’s personal Facebook page comes this delightful perspective:

Occasionally, in the dead of night, we here at Studio Foglio crack open a tub of frosting, huddle under a blanket while staring into our monitors, and fret that we’re merely a fad. A steampunk soaked paean to meganekko fans. Does anyone in the larger world care what we’re doing? Will our work endure? Will copies of Girl Genius last long enough that in the far future, some warped civilization of post-apocalyptic mutants will be able to use it as the basis of their civilization?

Well apparently, the answer to all of these questions is “Yes”. Today we discovered that Girl Genius is one of the thirty-nine webcomics that has been selected to be permanently achieved by the American Library of Congress (

This is a pretty big deal, and we are now determined to return our overdue books.

As fans of the work of Studio Foglio, we applaud this new official recognition of the cultural and creative value of Girl Genius. 

As fans in the general sense, we’re just really really proud of them. Phil, Kaja, Cheyenne and all the rest of the wonderfully off-balance creatives who work with them come from the same cloth we do. The move by the Library of Congress not only validates their work, but us as well.

Well done, indeed.


SCIFI Radio Staff

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