In Avengers: Endgame, we said farewell to Tony Stark, even as the threat to the universe represented by Thanos the Mad Titan was extinguished forever.

Despite the personage of Tony Stark being a fictional one, it was a profound loss felt round the world, so it seems only fitting that now, in the city of Forte dei Mare, Italy, there exists a steel and chrome statue dedicated to the memory of Iron Man.

Check out that classic three point landing.

The statue is called “Man of Steel”, and it’s part of the “OLTRE VERSO” anthology art exhibition of the works of Italian sculptor Daniele Basso. The exhibition opened Friday, August 9 in Forte dei Marmi, at the Fortino Lorenese gallery. The grand opening ceremony took place on stage at the Teatro del Silenzio.

The Iron Man sculpture is outside in the middle of Via Carducci near Piazza Marconi, and was specially created by the artist for the exhibition.

The exhibition is curated by Allegra Santini and directed by Alberto Bartalini, and occupies three floors of the Fortino.

The Italians take their art very seriously. The exhibition enjoys the patronage of both the Municipality of Forte dei Marmi and that of Lajatico, both places linked to the name of the famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. The mayor of Forte dei Marmi was present at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, along with Bruno Murzi, the first citizen of Lajatico, Alessio Barbafieri, the deputy mayor and councilor for culture Graziella Polacci, Veronica Berti Bocelli (the wife of Andrea Bocelli), and exhibit curator Allegra Santini and its director Alberto Bartalini.

The Dedication Plaque

On the statue’s white marble plinth is a dedication plaque. Here is what it says about the statue.

2019 acciaio e ottone lucidati a specchio 115 x 200 cm, h 400 cm

“… Primo monumento dedicato ad Ironman nell’anno della sua morte cinematographica in reala vuole celebrare l’uomo Tony Stark che da fondo ai suoi enormi patrimoni per lottare negli ideali in cui crede … ricordandoci che siamo noi i protagonisti della nostra era. Che dalle nostre decisioni depende il future dell’unamita … che tuttie noi dobbiamo essere eroi!”

English Translation

This isn’t an exact translation, but it gives you the spirit of what’s being said:

“Man of Steel”, 2019 mirror polished steel and brass 115 x 200 cm, h 400 cm

“… The first monument dedicated to Iron Man in the year of his death in the cinematic world, we celebrate Tony Stark as a man who dedicates his life’s fortunes to fight for the ideals he believes in … reminding us that we are all the protagonists of our time – that the future of humanity depends on our decisions … that all of us must be heroes! “

The best stories are the ones that make us better for having heard them. How now, then, should we rise to the challenge?

The sculpture was first modeled in 3d software, then welded together. The metals used are difficult to work with, and the task added six months to the planned production time. Marvel Comics was, unfortunately, not involved in any stage of the project. The statue remains on display in Forte dei Mare until September 8, 2019.
Photo credit: Daniele Basso

About Daniele Basso

Daniele Basso came to prominence working between Biella and Milan in the fashion industry, working with designer Gianni Versace, and even Ermenegildo Zegna and FIAT Auto, working in New York City and Paris.

“In the mirror we are all alike, all suspended between dream and reality. Beyond their function, my mirroring artworks are reflections on the contemporary. Unfinished thoughts longing for a personal meaning….”.

Sculptor and designer Daniele Basso

In 2006 he founded GlocalDesign, a strategic design office whose motto is Think Globally, Act Locally. The studio specializes in fashion, interior and lighting design. Driven by a keen curiosity for the use of mirrored steel surfaces in art and design, he first started significant partnerships and projects with various renowned Italian design brands, including Krizia, Moncler, Napapijri, Mila Schon, Molteni & C, Swarovski, San Patrignano, Italamp, Slide and Federico Fellini Foundation.

He made his breakthrough and began working as an artist in 2010. He participated in Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition twice, and his works have been exhibited in galleries in NYC, Paris, Dubai, Lugano, Monte-Carlo, Forte Dei Marmi, Vatican City, Milan, Bologna and Naples.


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