He goes by different names, but one thing that doesn’t change is his skill on the dance floor.

Another thing he never changes is his nature, unfortunately. For better or worse, Cool World is about to get the full Kenobi experience. Using footage from the Disney+ miniseries Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: Larry tells a completely different story.

Like the Auralnauts’ previous reimagining of Star Wars movies, Star Wars: Larry isn’t just a parody. It’s a comedic rewrite, in the same tradition as Woody Allen’s What’s Up, Tigerlilly?

In the Auralnauts alternative Star Wars dimension, the Jedi are douche bags, the Sith are business savvy powerhouses, and droids are mentally unstable sociopaths.

CAST (In Order of Appearance):

Old Obi: Monty
Duke/Larry/Radio Guy: Auralnaut Craven
Train Station Man: Joel of Movie Force
Mind Expansion Peddler: Vika Noxx
Zabrak Bully: JC Powers
Grand Influencer/Shroom Boi/Vect Nokru: Auralnaut Zak
Fourth Sister: Erin Voreis
Radio Guys: Ian the Texan, Chris Ryons
Haja: Ami Kozak
Leila: Giuliana Gargani
Reva: Silver Letomi

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