Alien Planet is a sci-fi adventure film with a meaningful story that mirrors struggles found within humanity.

There is one big difference between this film and other science fiction movies, which is that Alien Planet has no human characters. It is packed with practical effects makeup, monster suits, and puppets. Director Alan Maxson, a filmmaker from Los Angeles, is launching an IndieGogo campaign to help make his dream happen, and this is one of the stronger production ideas we’ve seen in a long time and in our opinion definitely worth supporting. Johnny Steverson, of has been tagged as producer.

In this story, two different alien species are out of water. They must travel to a dangerous world in order to find the key to rejuvenating their planets with sustainable drinking water. Can they put their differences aside in order to survive this hostile new planet? And will they figure out a way to save both of their dying worlds? Danger lurks around every corner as the extinction of their civilizations loom ever closer.

A Statement from the Director

Most people know me for my creature acting career. You have most likely seen my work, but don’t know my face. I was one of the performance capture actors for King Ghidorah in 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters, I’ve suit performed as Blade in the Puppet Master franchise, I’m the zombie in the opening sequence to Eli Roth’s History of Horror on AMC and I’ve been countless other non-human characters on the big and small screen. But what people don’t realize is that I am also a filmmaker.

Alien Planet will be my third film as writer & director. This is my biggest and most expensive film yet. My first film was Christmas with Cookie made for only $1,000, and if you know anything about how much it cost to make a movie, you know that’s essentially next to nothing! My next film was a higher budget short film, a sci-fi thriller called Patina.This had a much more serious tone than my first film. I wrote and directed that as a stepping stone for Alien Planet. I wanted to create something of deeper substance before attacking such a big project like Alien Planet.

Along with my directing credits, I have 14 years of professional post-production experience under my belt. I have edited countless hours of television such as 50 Years of Star Trek for The History Channel, The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS, History of Horror for AMC, and many more shows from GSN to Oxygen.

My years of experiences as an actor and editor have prepared me for Alien Planet. I am extremely excited and passionate about this film and I can not wait for the world to see the finished movie! So if you love what we did in this trailer, please contribute to our campaign and help bring this bad boy to life. Thank you very much to everyone who helps us reach our goal!


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