Um, yeah. That is Benedict Cumberbatch there in the front, and that’s Richard Simmons off to the right. The rest is from a classic Star Trek episode.

Does it have a whole lot to do with what I’m writing about today? Wellll, sort of.

The theme is “reaching for the stars”, which is what all these people are clearly doing. The point of it is, though, that without your support we just wouldn’t be able to do what we’re doing. I know it’s a goofy image.

So where do we go from this silliness? Dreams are silly, but needful. Let me explain.

Making the Magic Store

It all begins with having your nose pressed against the glass of the Magic Store, wondering what it would be like inside. You want to be a part of something wonderful, and you’re hoping that somebody will see you out there and invite you in out of the rain. And you wait, and wait – and wait. And it never ever happens.

And that’s when you resolve to make your own Magic Store. It’s hard work, and not as huge or as bright as the dream you saw from the window, but it’s a Magic Store that welcomes you with open arms. Finally, there’s a place for you inside, and you’re Home.

More than Podcasts

Everybody is moving to podcasts. Conventional wisdom says we should be making podcasts too, but we wanted to make more than just a show to put on the stage for an hour and then hide away for another week. No, we wanted the whole theater, a place where people could come and bring their shows and their fandoms, to come be with other fans who love the same things we do, and be a part of something wonderful.

You know what? It’s working. If radio is dying and podcasts are the thing, you’d never know it by us. As I write this we are about to pass the big 10,000 followers mark on Facebook. That’s 10,000 fans all over the world that have stopped by to say hi, to let us know they appreciate what we do.

Making a Community

And we’re not only making radio, but we’re helping people make their own radio shows and find their audience, and helping people make comic books, and books, and movies, and music, and everything else that makes their hearts happy. We’re even making a lot of these things ourselves, but doing it as part of the virtual family that’s crowded around us to share the light.

That’s why works. It’s not Yet Another Radio Station. We’re unique on the planet, and we’ve become a community, not just for ourselves, but for everyone who wants to come visit, and for everyone who wants to stay and be part of it all.

We’re much more than we seem, and it’s all thanks to you.

Welcome, my friends, to the Magic Store.
Thank you for believing.


SCIFI Radio Staff
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