In an alternate universe, a lone Dalek roams time and space in a familiar looking box, but with bumps on it. Applying his singular Dalek logic to solving every problem, just this once, everybody dies.

Pause the music stream while you watch. The controller is at the top of the page if you’re on a desktop machine, or at the bottom if you’re on your phone.

This Dalek sports a familiar oversized scarf, and the animated short sends up a bunch of some of the most beloved tropes in Doctor Who, from Rose Tyler on the beach, to the Auton Invasion, to regeneration, everything he does is pretty much the reverse of what the Doctor would do.

The parody was made by Mashed, a group of really prolific animators with their own very popular YouTube channel with more than 1.5 million subscribers. They’re just three guys, but they produce animations like this one every single week. 

Enjoy this one, and share this page with your Whovian friends. This is some seriously great work, and we’re in awe of not only the quality of Mashed’s toons, but the speed with which they produce them. Great work, guys!


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