Progressive rock mastermind Sam Fishman joins us today at 7 pm Eastern / 4 pm Pacific on’s The Event Horizon.

Returning to production after a year-long hiatus, The Event Horizon returns to with a new on-the-air interview. This time it’s with Sam Fishman, musician, writer, producer and mastermind behind the remarkable, creative and improbable transmedia production called Cicada Madness.

Sam Fishman

Our introduction to Sam Fishman’s Cicada Madness was as a four part sci-fi splatter film, but done as radio. It would make a fantastic grindhouse film just on that basis alone, but it gets better – it’s the result of a year long production of heavy metal music, with the music driving the creation of the story line, and sometimes with the storyline feeding back the other way into the music creation process.

Sam Fishman is a drummer and vocalist, and the mastermind behind this unusual transmedia production. the radio drama sometimes feeding the music creation, and sometimes with the flow going back the other way in a synergistic feedback loop.

The album has been recorded by professional musicians and they are Alex Goldenthal (guitar and bass), Ryan Acquaotta (vocals), Sam Fishman (drums and vocals), Chandler Mogel (vocals on “Launch into Madness”), Mara Lisenko (background vocals on VR Song and Cicada Madness!). Music has been recorded and mixed by Shane Stanton at Architekt Music studios in Butler, NJ.

If you want to purchase the album, you can do so at Sam Fishman’s Bandcamp page for Cicada Madness.

This episode aired January 30, 2021 on The Event Horizon here on Listen for new episodes each Saturday at 7 PM Eastern, 4 pm Pacific, Midnight GMT. Susan Fox and Gene Turnbow host.


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