A lot of the time when you see something fannish, it’s a tribute to something by way of pure imitation – a costume recreation, a prop, a drawing of a favorite character from a favorite show, an amusing meme.

This time, though, Dungeons and Dragons, the wellspring of much of modern geek culture, is the genesis of Annapantu’s original song about the simple joys of pub crawling.

This animated musical romp shows off the musical talents of Annapantsu, whom for years has been singing covers of songs from movies we love. Now she presents an original. Come join her – join us – on a tavern crawl unlike any other, as we board the Rail-Away to visit them all.

Like most worthwhile projects, this one was a collaborative effort. Annapantsu provides the lead vocals. The song was written by an ecclectic Dungeons and Dragons themed content creator who calls himself Runesmith. The composition itself was done by Gregory Dombrowski.

The whole thing is based a new supplement to 5th addition D&D 5. It’s called The Seekers Guide To Twisted Taverns, and it’s filled with fantastical premade taverns, inspiring story hooks, and lovable NPC’s. Visit the Kickstarter here: https://bit.ly/3tnL8P0.

The character design of the tavern singer was by Katelyn McKneely, who also created a constellation of supporting characters to fill one tavern after another as we are taken on a whirlwind tour. It’s an animated pub crawl with the all the trimmings, and pubs from the Seeker’s Guide to Twisted Taverns, and their weird and wonderful patrons.

The significance of the existence of an animated independent music video such as this one cannot be understated. This isn’t the work of a company, or an excerpt from a film. This is something fans have come together to use their varied talents and creative spark to make something new and wonderful.

SCIFI.radio has been playing Annapantu’s stuff for years now. If you would like to support Annapantsu in her work creating fun musical stuff for us all to enjoy, you can join her Patreon campaign. We did.


While you’re at it, we need help ourselves:

SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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