A self-isolated Eleventh Doctor in Victorian London refuses to take an interest in goings on around him – until the TARDIS picks up signs of regeneration energy. If there are still Time Lords to be found, the Doctor is going to find them. When he tracks the signal back to a mortuary, he finds the one regenerating is him – the next him. Can both Doctors make it out alive and if so, will they still be wearing the same faces when they do?

Jake Dudman is our narrator. As always his Eleventh Doctor is stunning, and his Twelfth is not far behind. I am, as always amazed how one man can make it feel like there are three actors (the total number of characters in this story) in the room. Dudman does this in a way most voice actors and impressionists should envy. The Script by Alfie Shaw gives a nice feel of a multi Doctor story where, inevitably, the Doctors bicker, but in this case without leaning on previous Doctor meet up reference (you’ve redecorated, splendid chaps) giving it a slightly fresher feel. As a short trip, a lot of the plot could be a spoiler as this is a very fast pace, building tale, so forgive me keeping this vague. The use of regeneration energy is clever and involves the dead bodies around them (as a teaser) and the reveal at the end is nicely unexpected. Our team is rounded off with director Nicholas Briggs keeping the actor a pace.

This is the type of fun little, between the cracks of other stories, mini adventure the short trips are perfect for.

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Doctor Squee
Doctor Squee