Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has released the latest Animated DC film with the impressive Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. The film brings a very impressive cast, voicing a large collection of DC heroes and villains. An R-rated film, Apokolips War is gripping and engaging.

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When Darkseid (Tony Todd) Threatens the Earth, the Justice League must rally to save the day. What really makes the film shine is not only the very large cast, but the fact that so many heroes and villains from the DC universe come into play and at times take actions that viewers would not normally expect from the characters.

There is a complexity to the movie that one would not usually expect as the characters show their flaws and this is not a collection of pristine heroes versus scenery chewing bad guys.

Characters have baggage as well as strong motivations and even doubt which is very refreshing. The story also can be enjoyed by fans who are well versed in the mythos as well as more casual viewers who may not be as up to date on the actions leading up to the film as well as some of the characters.

The story is dark and mature which is reflected in the R-rating. For me, it’s a great thing, as Warner has been doing more and more R-rated animated content, as there are far fewer restrictions on story content.

The animation is first-rate and the very impressive cast makes this one that fans will not want to miss.


Gareth Von Kallenbach
Gareth Von Kallenbach

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