What would happen a small platoon of T-800 Terminators got sent back in time by Skynet to protect Cyberdyne, but John Connor manages to reprogram them to attack one another for our amusement instead?

Woah, that’s a tough one.

Fabrice Mathieu makes sci-fi thriller mashups, sticking together existing elements from various movies to make something entirely new each time. His previous works highlighted on SCIFI.radio include Cary Grant running from TIE Fighters in Darth by Darthwest, and this year’s MIB: Men in Blues, which pits the Blues Brothers against all sorts of aliens normally handled by Agents J and K.

Here’s Matheiu’s latest, TS: Terminators. We don’t have to wonder how it will all turn out. We can watch for ourselves.

Pause the SCIFI.radio stream using the handy controller at the upper right. You might want to watch this with headphones on, or with really good speakers, and with the lights off to get the full effect.

The “suiting and arming up” trope in movies has become a cliché, and Matheiu humorously plays this up to ludicrous extremes, with every T-800 landing in a different place, and arming itself to the teeth after receiving its new assignment. It’s Arnold Schwartzenegger against – well, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Arnold Schwartzenegger and – well, you get the idea. We frankly lost count ourselves.

The short film, seventeen minutes long, sticks together pretty much every Terminator / Arnold action scene from all the movies, and through clever editing, makes it appear as though they’re all hunting each other. Watch all the way through – there’s a surprise twist at the end.

We think we know what the ‘TS’ in the title stands for, but it’s probably not okay to print that on a wholesome family web site. Hint: it does not stand for ‘tough sweat’.


SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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