Are you ready for this? Just one month ago we showed you a fun mashup trailer for Men in Blues, by French filmmaker Fabrice Mathieu, the same guy who did the remarkable Darth by Darthwest that rocked geek culture sites all over the planet a couple years back.

Today we were astonished to discover that Fabrice had been working hard on getting it released for this month! It’s already done! The film around eleven minutes long, and it’s amazing to watch.

The premise of it is that Agent J of the MIB is in prison, for having swindled Aliens while on the job. Now he’s released for a new mission, but the Aliens are waiting for him! This isn’t the Agent J you’re probably thinking of. In this case the J stands for Jake, as in Jake and Elwood. Like it or not, the Men in Blues are our last line of defense – our last, best hope.

Speaking of watching, here you go. Pause the stream using the controller at the upper right before you do so. Dueling soundtracks aren’t as much fun as they sound.

Somehow, Fabrice has expertly assembled visual elements from just about every science fiction film in the last 40 years and not only made a coherent story out of it, but did it with style. Everything works, as though the elements had all been shot with Men in Blues in mind.

Oh, and if you missed Darth by Darthwest, here it is. Watch Cary Grant dodge pursuit by the Empire!

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