The computer game Uncharted and its sequels are some of the most cinematic games ever made, and there are few games more deserving of getting the full motion picture treatment. After years of delay, that’s finally going to happen. Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has been tapped to play a young Nathan Drake for the new film, with Shawn Levy directing.

Beating them to the punch, though, is Uncharted, a fan film starring the perfectly cast Nathan Fillion and directed by Allan Unger. Fillion even looks like the game character, and we’re actually kind of sad that it’s not going to be Fillion in the lead role in the feature length motion picture.

Shawn Levy’s film will obviously have to take a very different tack on Nathan Drake as a character, considering that Tom Holland easily passes for sixteen years old on screen. The fan film may inform Levy’s creative decisions now that he’s seen the fan film, though. We know he liked it.

Said Levy about the fan film,

Oh my God! Yes, absolutely a surprise! I found it direct very well, played just as well. Very funny. I liked it both as a fan of the game and of the franchise.

We don’t know much about the Shawn Levy Uncharted other than the casting decisions (Sony is looking at Bryan Cranston to play Sully).

As to the future of the Fillion / Ungar version of Nathan Drake, we don’t know yet, but there are tentative discussions under way to produce a digital series based on it, or perhaps a television series. There’s a full interview over on Entertainment Weekly about the project. In it, Allan Unger and Nathan Fillion talk about how they had been working on this project in secret for a couple of years, began actual production in January and shot it in May of this year.

The whole thing had to stay secret so that the team could work in peace.

Says Fillion,

We gave it a different name, so the crew didn’t know what they were working on when they signed on. And then as soon as you arrive in costume and they see what’s happening, everybody got very, very excited. Everybody felt like they were on the inside of something super-cool, and no one wanted to blow it.


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