It’s impossible to overstate the effect Baby Yoda (“The Child” from the Disney+ limited series The Mandalorian) has had on Star Wars awareness, and popular culture itself. You can’t swing a tasty frog without hitting a Baby Yoda picture, meme, crafts project or toy.

Once you see this new music video from Auralnaughts, cut together from footage from The Mandalorian, you’ll have a good sense of why. Baby Yoda is excruciatingly adorable. In the video, the creature only identified as The Child in the series is a high value target rescued from a horde of would-be bounty hunters by The Mandalorian. The two are cruising in The Mandalorian’s ship, the Razor Crest. The big guy in the beskar armor is trying to get the little green one to go the f— to sleep, and it’s epic.

Pause the stream while you watch. The controller is at the upper right.

About two thirds of the way through, the Mandalorian belts out a bridge in the melody, and apart from it being a ludicrous thing to put in a lullabye, it reminds us of Kenny Loggins’ vocals in Danger Zone from the movie Top Gun.

Baby Yoda, by the way, is not CGI. He’s portrayed by an assortment of mechanically operated puppets with lifelike silicone skin. That’s why it seems like he belongs in each scene in which he appears – he’s actually really there.

The Auralnauts are Craven Moorhaus and Zak Koonce, who use their prodigious talents to create entertainment based on the pop culture around them. If you want to support them, they have a Patreon campaign (much like our own, hint-hint).

If you want to buy this track from Auralnauts, here’s the link. It’s available on nearly every digital music platform.


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