Harry Houdini (John Schwab) is on the run from German forces during the Second World War, and his old friend, the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) is at his side – but is he on his side this time?

This is something a little different for the Sixth Doctor. It feel like a very action based script by Steve Lyons with pacy direction from Ken Bentley and brings in some of the darker notes from the Sixth Doctor’s earlier adventures where we were still deciding if we trusted him, seen through the lens of the richer character that has been brought out by Big Finish in collaboration with Colin Baker. Schwab is nicely conflicted between wanting to trust the Doctor (with some convincing from Nicola Bryant’s Peri) and not knowing what to make of some of his actions as the drama unfolds.

There are some really great references to the facts and myths surrounding Harry Houdini, and that ties in nicely to some of the more out there research into the occult done by Nazi Germany during the war. Add in a mysterious alien device, and this is classic Doctor Who fodder.

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Doctor Squee
Doctor Squee