Today we’re boosting the signal for geek band Ookla the Mok.

They’ve been playing at sci-fi and comics conventions all over North America since 1994. Their clever, media-savvy lyrics, catchy melodies and accessible power-pop sound have made them a cult sensation with nerds everywhere.

They got invited to Archon in St. Louis as the Filk Guests of  Honor last weekend. On Sunday night someone broke into their trailer and stole all their instruments, microphones, effects, gear, and merchandise.

Unfortunately, no gear means no performance, so they had to cancel.

Worse yet, they are now faced with having to replace all that equipment.  Here’s the list of everything they lost and what it will cost to replace:

Gear Lost:

LARIVEE LV-03 Acoustic/Electric Guitar   $1,190
Epiphone Skunk Baxter Acoustic/Electric Guitar    $600
TC-Helicon Play Acoustic  (2 @ $300 each)  $600
SHURE Wireless Headset Kit   $549
Trombone  $500
Sure Wireless SM-58  $380
Myers Pickup $169
Meinl Cajon2Go $70
Gearlux Dreadnought  Hardshell Case  $65
Samsonite Wheeled Duffel $55
TC Helicon Switch-3 Foot Pedal $50
Melodica  $25
Cords/Cables/Power Strips (20) $325
Misc. Stands/Straps/Tuners $160
Misc. Capos/Slides/Strings/Winders $140

Gear Total: $4,878

Merchandise Lost:

CDs (200 @ $10 each) $2,000
T-Shirts (25 @ $15 each) $375
Download Stickers (100 @ $2 each) $200

Merchandise Total:  $2,575

Sales Tax (8.75%)   $652

GoFundMe Fee (2.9%)  $235

Total Replacement Cost: $8,340

We play rather a lot of their music as part of our on-air music library, and we don’t want them gone. If you can — and we know there are a lot of people asking for crowd funding help right now, including us — please join us in contributing to their theft recovery fund on GoFundMe.  They’re completely dependent on us, the fans of the music they make, to help them get back on their feet.




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