Whitney Avalon is a television actress. She’s also a producer, a writer, a director, and a gifted singer and songwriter. She has a special love for the geeking world, and has produced a prodigious collection of music videos where the lead character from one franchise sings a well-known song from an entirely different franchise, with lyrics rewritten appropriately.

Of course we have a pretty good selection of her stuff here on SCIFI.radio, but this newest piece is her first music video to be fully animated. It’s the tragic story of Medusa, in this version of the story, who really committed no crime other than spurning the affections of Jupiter. Yeah, it was because of him that she got that slithery coiffure. The results are marvelous. Pause the SCIFI.radio stream with the controller at the upper right and watch.

Whitney’s songs are frequently filk, rewrites of songs we already know, but not this time. This time it’s a completely original piece, making this an original creation start to finish. The orchestration is by Ryan O’Connell, and the animation is by Leigh Lahav and her animation team.

Music videos like this are just a part of Ms. Avalon’s madly creative work, and she has a Patreon campaign that pays for the production of all of it. If you liked this music video, and you’re already in a giving mood (SCIFI.radio has one too) then for heaven’s sakes, go visit her Patreon campaign and pitch in.

Will you hear Whitney Avalon’s Medusa Song on SCIFI.radio?

Yes. Yes, you will.


SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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