It has been reported that John Williams, prolific composer of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Superman The Movie, and dozens of other film and television productions, has cancelled conducting concerts of his music in London and Vienna, citing a “last-minute illness.”  There are no details as to the cause or severity of his current condition.

Mr. Williams, 86, was to appear at the Royal Albert Hall with the London Symphony Orchestra on Friday.  His replacement will be Dirk Brossé, who will be conducting music from Williams’s soundtracks, including E.T., Jaws, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.  His concerts with the Vienna Philharmonic scheduled for the 3rd and 4th of November have been cancelled.

In a statement issued by his agent, Mr. Williams “… is so sorry that an illness prevents him from conducting Friday’s concert, and he’s grateful to his friend Maestro Dirk Brossé for taking the podium in his place.

“He so wishes he could be with everyone, and the knowledge that 5,000 of his friends will be joining together to celebrate his music is a great comfort to him as he recovers. He wishes everyone a very joyous evening of music.”


Myk Price

Myk Price

Contrary to popular belief, Myk Price wasn’t rocketed to Earth as an infant, wasn’t a test pilot chosen to protect a space sector, wasn’t exposed to Gamma radiation, and has never been picked up by an English sounding whack job with a multi-colored scarf flying around in a blue police box.

He’s still holding hope for the English sounding whack job, though.

A naturalized Californian, Myk (pronounced “Mike”,) is a husband, musician, massage therapist, and is re-embracing his many decades love of comic books.  When not riding around on his motorcycle, playing music for belly dancers with the band, Rhythm Caravan, or performing with the Los Angeles Recorder Orchestra, Myk can be found reading comics and avoiding household chores by telling his lovely wife, Nola, “I can’t, Honey!  I have a deadline!”

To be fair, she doesn’t buy it, either.