Today’s Video of the Day is the Stranger Things Parody, coming to us once again from The Hillywood Show. Stranger Things, as you probably know by now, has been picked up for a third season by Netflix, and it’s currently the most popular TV show in America. It makes sense, then, that Hilly and Hannah Hindi would turn their prodigious talents to creating this new parody.

It’s perfect in tone, and the music is almost better than perfect, if that’s possible. Previous Hillywood Show videos have been closely patterned after the music videos made for the original songs, but in this case, the song was Super Freak, by Rick James. The music video for it was made in 1981 and was one of the more abstract of its day, so there wasn’t a whole lot to work with there. Hilly and Hannah backed away from the original video this time, and instead relied heavily on the story threads presented in the popular Netflix series.

Hit the pause button on the stream (the controller is above in the header on this web page) and watch.

The attention to detail is almost an embarrassment of riches. Every tiny detail is accounted for, matching lighting, pacing, costuming, and every other aspect of the performances.

Every wisp of hair is accounted for, and perfectly recreated.

Every wisp of hair is accounted for, and perfectly recreated.

This amazing creative team, headed by Hilly and Hannah Hindi, has been producing some of the best entertainment on the web since 2009, relying entirely on their Patreon campaign to fuel each new ambitious creation. The new video slips smoothly into this mold.

And before you ask, yes, you can hear this tune in rotation on We wouldn’t be if you couldn’t.



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