Jeannie Epper, one of the most respected stunt women in Hollywood, has died at the age of 83. She was stunt double for Lynda Carter during the filming of the TV show Wonder Woman. She died of natural causes, passing away peacefully in her Simi Valley home on May 5, 2024. She was born January 27, 1941 in Simi Valley, Ventura County, California, USA.

Jeannie Epper and Lynda Carter {image via CBS}

Jeannie Epper also worked as a stunt double for Lindsay Wagner in The Rockford Files and Kathleen Turner in Romancing the Stone (19xx). She was the first woman to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Taurus World Stunt Awards, the field’s most prestigious award, She was born into a stunt artist family. Her father, John Epper had over 200 film credits. He was a stunt double for both Ronald Reagan and Errol Flynn. She and all her siblings became stunt artists, as did three of her children. Steven Spielberg referred to her family as “the FlyingWallendas of Film.” She was featured in the documentary Double Dare (2004).

She is survived by her husband, Tim, her children Eurlyne and Richard, five grandchildren and seven great–grandchildren. She was predeceased by her son Kurtis.

Both Lindsay Wagner and Lynda Carter posted fond memories of her, and condolences to her family on Twitter (X).

Jeannie Epper performed stunts in 161 projects, both TV and movies, including 1941 , Hot Pursuit (2015), The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift  (2006)  Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004), and The Amazing Spider-Man (2012). She got her start in the stunt business as a child of 9, appearing in TV westerns like The Big Valley and Lancer. Trapped in a burning cabin on Lancer, she had most of her hair burnt off, which must have been a terrifying experience for a child,

Stunt artists are a necessary part of the entertainment industry, but they seldom get the credit they deserve.

Thank you, Jeannie Epper, for working to make our movies and TV shows more exciting. Rest in peace. All comfort to your family and friends.


Susan Macdonald
Susan Macdonald

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