Hansi Oppenheimer

Hansi Oppenheimer is a filmmaker and fangirl, a documentary producer and director of the new web series emerging from, and all about, the fangirl experience. It’s Squee! The Fangirl Project, and it’s a continuing story about fan girls and their role in fandom.

Hansi joins hosts Susan Fox and Gene Turnbow on the latest episode of SCIFI.radio’s The Event Horizon premiering this Saturday afternoon at 4 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern.

We stand together. We are one of many! You are never alone as a Fangirl. We are your tribe. Please reach out, there is always a Fangirl that will be there for you. There is a always a tribe that will welcome you no matter what you like. Don’t give up. – Hansi Oppenheimer

Tune in for an hour-long discussion of fan girls, fandom, and Squee! The Fangirl Project.  Consult the Event Horizon show page for additional air times.


SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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