Get ready, gamers — Free RPG Day is tomorrow, June 22, around the world!

Formed in 2019 by four veteran gaming retailers, Gaming Days is an organization dedicated to providing high quality gaming event opportunities to game stores around the world. We’re still retailers today, so our focus is on creating events that drive gamers to stores and can generate excitement about the breadth of games our industry has to offer.

Free RPG Day occurs annually in over 500 stores worldwide and provides consumers with free exclusive content for a wide variety of tabletop roleplaying games. New RPG adventures, quick-start guides, accessories and more are to be had at your local participating retailer, with publishing partners changing yearly.

Participating stores will have piles of exclusive new RPG adventures and other exciting new RPG related items! To find the participating store near you, visit the FreeRPGDay web site and enter your location, and it’ll tell you what stores near you are celebrating.

Just a quick note, while some locations may have in-store gaming, every store will be handling events differently. Please check with your local retail about how they may be featuring or distributing the Free RPG Day items.

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