In a notable development in the gaming industry, Arion Kurtaj, a hacker associated with the international group Lapsus$, has been sentenced to indefinite detention in a secure medical facility. Kurtaj was implicated in the leak of several in-development clips from Grand Theft Auto 6, as reported by the BBC. This group is known for its attacks on major companies like Nvidia, Microsoft, Samsung, and Uber.

The circumstances of the hack were unusual. Kurtaj was out on bail for a previous incident involving Nvidia and was staying in a Travelodge under police protection. Despite not having access to his laptop, he managed to breach Rockstar’s internal systems using an Amazon Firestick, his hotel TV, and a cell phone, subsequently uploading the clips and game source to the GTAForums.

Kurtaj’s trial was complicated by his medical condition — acute autism — which led to discussions about his fitness to stand trial. Rather than focusing on criminal intent, the court was asked to determine his responsibility for the hack. His time in custody was marked by incidents of violence and property damage.

His defense argued that the successful release of the GTA 6 trailer suggested that the hack had little impact on Rockstar. However, Rockstar claimed the hack cost them $5 million and thousands of staff hours. The trial concluded with Kurtaj’s indefinite hospitalization, pending medical assessment.

The GTA 6 leaks were significant, involving game source code and numerous footage clips. Take-Two Interactive quickly removed these leaked videos, and Rockstar soon confirmed the breach.

Additionally, Kurtaj was tried alongside another unnamed 17-year-old member of Lapsus$, with other members reportedly still at large. This incident follows another major hack targeting Insomniac Games, with hackers releasing a substantial amount of data and demanding a ransom. Sony has not yet responded to this latest breach.


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