Star Trek: Discovery kicked off the newest wave of Star Trek production, reigniting the flames of enthusiasm for this beloved franchise. That said, this does not mean for a moment that Discovery should be immune from parody. There is a fannish media group calling themselves Star Rekt,, purportedly based here in Los Angeles (not that far from the spacious production studios), and they have done the honors.1

They have produced a number of pretty terrific musical parodies over the years. Here’s the latest, based on Livin’ La Vida Loca: it’s Servin’ with Captain Lorca. Clips of Captain Lorca, brought to life by Jason Isaacs2, abound.

A warning, though, before you hit “play”: if you haven’t actually seen the first season of Discovery yet, you might get hit with some spoilers. Also, the video contains a few examples of violence, death and mayhem that you might not want to expose kids to. Or your boss.

This one is really polished, really well done. The vocals are strong, the costuming is great, and the editing, using footage from the first season of Discovery, produces a driving visual that makes the total result a feast for the eyes and ears. And, of course, it’s filk, and Star Trek, so naturally, this song will be appearing in the airplay lineup.



1 And by “spacious” we mean the left part of one desk in a back bedroom somewhere in Los Angeles County. And not Century City, either.

2 Trufans will recognize him as Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies.

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