Rowan the Bard is now working on his second album of Star Wars shanties, and they are glorious to the ear. His track, Hydian Way, is one of his best.

Rowan the Bard has to be singled out as one of the more innovative fannish musicians there is. He takes the trope of the sea shanty, grown very popular over the past few years, and elevate it with Star Wars mythology. The results, with Rowan using his, rich, sonorous and melodious voice to build his multitrack creations, make your heart soar. Rowan has done an entire album of these shanties, and is working on a second one. Hydian Way is easily one of his best, taking more chances with melodic construction than his other works.

Rowan the Bard has been making these Star Wars shanties since July 16, 2021, and has since been creating remarkable music for his supporters on Patreon. It’s bardic folk music about everything from Star Wars, like today’s offering from his portfolio about a year ago, to Skyrim and all sorts of other fun stuff in between.

In his own words from his Patreon campaign:

I’ve been combining music and my love of all things geek for over thirty years now, ever since I first fell in love with the Bard class in my 7th grade D&D campaign… which pretty much set the trajectory of my career from there on out.

I’ve been a musician and actor in any number of forms over the past couple decades (from entertaining the Queen at a Ren Faire to playing King Arthur in the national tour of Spamalot), but for much of my original work I keep coming back to the fantasy and sci-fi books and films that inspired so many of us. Through it all, the connections I’ve made with friends and fans alike (and there is considerable overlap) has really been one of the most rewarding aspects of making music.

I’m planning on dedicating more time to composing, arranging, and recording as much geek music as I can, and sharing it on my various channels. Thank you for your support, and May the Folk be with you!

Go to his YouTube channel for more of these wonderful shanties. If you want him to make more of them, consider becoming a patron.


Gene Turnbow
Gene Turnbow

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