Alina Gingertail is a self-taught musician and singer hailing from Russia, who creates fantasy inspired covers and original music on YouTube. Today’s Video of the Day is her absolutely magical rendition of the Song of Storms, from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

We find self-taught musicians only rarely. Musicians of Ms. Gingertail’s talent and ability is rarer still. Her deep abiding love of fantasy themes shines through in everything she makes.

Used in this video are guitar, a four-race lute, an ocarina (appropriately themed with the Zelda trifoil, a pennywhistle, and a nyckelharpa, which is a bowed cordophone, using key-actuated tangents along the neck to change the pitch of the strings during play, much like a hurdy-gurdy — and of course, her own silvery voice.

Her music is available on a variety of digital venues, and she has a number of different ways for you to support her in her work, most notably her Patreon campaign.

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Use code ALINA5 – 5% off any gusli / ALINA10 – 10% off any psalterium here:

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