Versatile and talented Whitney Avalon takes on Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy – but with a Wednesday Addams twist.

Whitney Avalon is a chameleon. She creates her own takes on popular characters from film and legend, and sets them to the task of singing remarkable songs about their exploits – often to the tune of music that formerly had nothing to do with the character in question.

So it is with today’s Video of the Day, just released from Whitney Avalon’s Patreon. Her patrons got to see this first, but now it’s released to the world.

Here is Bad Guy, sung from the perspective of Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family.

Says Avalon of her take on the Billie Eilish / Finneas O’Connell tune:

I’ve always loved Wednesday Addams – and not just because we have the same initials! But somehow I’d never put my twist on her as a character. So here she is, singing a parody of another edgy gal’s hit song “Bad Guy,” for you!

Whitney’s visuals are as good as her singing. She takes a lot of cues from Billie Eilish’s original music video, including copying some of Eilish’s dance moves.

Much of the point of Whitney Avalon songs is bound up the lyrics, rewritten by Avalon to suit the character. This is filk at its finest.


Lightning is always such a buzz
Sleepin’ just like a vampire does
Creepin’ around your house because
I spread some gasoline
My food might play with me instead
My family loves to wake the dead
None of my dolls deserve a head
Let’s test the guillotine!

So you’re a nice kid
Not a single vice kid
Boring as white rice kid
I won’t tell you twice kid
I’m that dark type
Chaos, gloom, and snark type
Circle like a shark type
Gonna leave a mark type
Am I the bad guy? Huh

I would say my interests are just different from yours
I’m not a bad guy

I like it when I’m in control
Bury some strangers in a hole
Let’s hide those stop signs that we stole
Close your eyes, open wide
My mommy always finds her light
Pugsly is good with dynamite
Thing is a handful in a fight
Want some more cyanide?

So you’re a sweet kid
Just can’t take the heat kid
Boppin’ to the beat kid
Truth is you’re dead meat kid
I am spooky
Creepy and so kooky
Altogether ooky
No it’s not a fluke, see?
Am I the bad guy? Huh

The true evils of the world are colonialist hegemony and pink glitter, so…
Depends on what you mean by bad, bad

It’s been Addamses all along

I like a haunted book
I see you’re pretty shook by how far I’ll go
Everyone’s scared of me?
I mean, I don’t see what they see
But maybe it’s ’cause I’m holding this crossbow

I’m the bad guy? Fine
I’ll be the bad guy
Bad guy, bad guy


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Producer, Director, New Lyrics, Wednesday: Whitney Avalon (,,
Orchestrator*: Cristián R. Villagra
Music Mix, Master: Ed Boyer
Cinematographer: Merlin Showalter
Executive Assistant: Caroline Sharp
Assistant Editor: Kate West Wig Stylist: Patty Jarvis
VFX Supervisor, Thing: James Okuley
Colorist: Ryan K. McNeal
Associate Producer: We Make Movies Inc

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