A bit of cinema captures someone’s imagination, and Some cinema fan, often already an artist or technician in the film industry, sees the storytelling potential of the medium, and is deeply inspired. After a few efforts, their own work rises to the level of mastery. So it is with Fabrice Mathieu and his short subjects. This latest one, In the Shadow, is nothing short of a masterwork.

Already heavily laden with awards and nominations, including Best Experimental Film from the Cannes 7th Art Awards of 2022, In the Shadow is both a feast for the eyes and a mind-bending story.

From Mathieu’s description on YouTube:

A fantasy film noir with shadows. (Black & White. French with english subtitles). Un film noir fantastique avec des ombres. (Noir & Blanc. Français avec sous-titres anglais). A shadow is telling its life story with his “Wearer”, a flesh and bone double, who one day it decides to get rid of… Une ombre raconte sa vie avec son “Portant”, ce double de chair et de sang, qu’elle décide un jour d’éliminer…

  • Narrated by Roger Candy.
  • Music by Roque Banos & Danny Elfman.
  • Written, edited & directed by Fabrice Mathieu.

This short film is a prequel to a full feature movie script called “Dans l’ombre”, written by Fabrice Mathieu. This project is looking for producers. Ce court-métrage est le prequel d’un scénario de long-métrage écrit par Fabrice Mathieu et intitulé “Dans l’ombre”. Ce projet est à la recherche de producteurs.

This prequel is a research and editing work based on footages from more than sixty movies showing the most beautiful shadows in the cinema history, from “Nosferatu” to “Sin City”. The story is narrated from the shadow’s point of view. Ce prequel est un travail de montage et de recherche d’archives. Il regroupe des plans d’une soixantaine de films, montrant les plus belles ombres de l’histoire du. cinéma, de “Nosferatu” à “Sin City”. L’histoire est narrée du point de vue des silhouettes.

Fabrice Mathieu is a visual effects artist and lighting consultant living and working in a town near Paris, France.


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