Bad Lip Reading has gone from making parodies of political news sequences (making politicians say even more ridiculous things than they already say) to spinning up some of the funnier musical numbers, complete with music videos, that we’ve ever seen. And if you had the patience to get through that run-on sentence, here’s your reward – just be sure to pause the music stream while you watch this fantastic music video. In it, Yoda is telling Luke all about one fateful day at the beach.

The relationship between Luke and Yoda was already kind of weird. This video just pushes that whole paradigm to a new level, including Yoda using R2 as a sort of trash can drum kit.

Who does these videos? To be quite honest, nobody actually knows. The production team behind Bad Lip Reading has been doing these videos since 2011, but so far as decided to remain anonymous. We hope they keep making them, though. It makes for some great entertainment, and for some great radio. And yes, you can hear this new tune on through the day if you listen.






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