Join us February 11, 2023 at 4 pm Pacific, 7 pm Eastern for a new edition of The Event Horizon, this time with Mark Taormino,  founder of Dark Wizard Games and their lead designer. We will be discussing the new Kickstarter project by Dark Wizard, a Fantasy Folder project that aims to add some extra style to your home TTRPG sessions.

These are great for gamers, students, business folks or anyone who wants fun fantasy adventure themed folders to fit their paperwork, modules, character sheets, maps and more! Artwork on folder cover by Justin Davis!

Mark Taormino of Dark Wizard Games

Mark Taormino is a game designer as well as software engineer and actor. He first started playing AD&D back in 1980 and started making printed, retro-style modules a bit over ten years ago. With the success of multiple Kickstarter projects he was able to launch his own small press games company, Dark Wizard Games.

We spend the better portion of an hour speaking with Mark about his projects, the history of Dark Wizard, and of course the impact of the Hasbro / Wizards of the Coast debacle surrounding the Open Gaming License and their attempt to revoke it.


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