John Legend, a singer and songwriter who lives up to his own last name, has released a new single called Wonder Woman, obviously describing his wife Chrissy Teigan. The song itself is a wonder.

From the video’s description on YouTube:

Intimacy has always been a key component of John Legend’s music. Even when the R&B superstar is accompanied by a full band, his candor makes you feel like you’re the only person he’s singing to. So when the surrounding instruments are stripped away, there’s a good chance that the music has a different, more cozy, impact. That’s the case with the pieces on his new ‘LEGEND (Solo Piano Version)’ a stripped-down update to his hit album that dropped last September. With just keyboard and vocal, he cuts to the heart of some very beautiful tunes. We shouldn’t be surprised. Back in 2005, when the ‘Get Lifted’ album introduced him to the world, “Ordinary People” worked its magic with simple piano accompaniment. This new ‘LEGEND’ update does the same, delivering extra emotional power. We invited the maestro to celebrate its arrival by coming into our studio and sharing his art. Yes, there were goosebumps in the room during “I Don’t Love You Like I Used To” and “Wonder Woman.”

Goosebumps indeed.

The new song Wonder Woman is being released through Republic Records.


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