A fan submission of everybody’s favorite French robots, Daft Punk, has reached 10,000 supporters on LEGO’s Ideas website. This means that the submission will go through the review process, with LEGO exploring ways of making it a reality (feasability, playability, copyright and licensing issues, et cetera). If LEGO decides to go ahead with development of a set based on this submission, the project then moves into the development phase.

The creator of this Daft Punk submission mentioned a few things that could be done with the basic concept:

  • TRON versions of the duo as seen in Tron: Legacy
  • Alive 2007 concert versions with the LED pyramid stage
  • Classic leatherjacket Daft Punk
  • The Ferrari from their strange Electroma live action film
  • Anime Daft Punk from Interstella 5555

The Emmys Daft Punk in their white outfits could be cool, too, in my opinion. Ultimately, LEGO will decide which way to go on this if they approve the project for production.

Lego Ideas is an initiative that allows anyone to submit set and minifigure ideas to LEGO for possible production. Users of the website support whichever projects they like, answering a few short questions: why they like it, how much they would pay for it, and how many they would buy, things like that. Upon reaching 10,000 supporters, the project is reviewed by LEGO. Ideas has yielded a variety of interesting sets so far, including the fantastic Ghostbusters Ecto-1 with all 4 Ghostbusters, the time-travelling DeLorean from the Back To The Future trilogy (sold out on Lego’s online shop but still in stock at some of their stores), the Research Institute staffed with female scientists (completely sold out), and the upcoming Doctor Who set, the details of which are currently still a mystery.

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Zrath Smiley
Zrath Smiley

Zrath Smiley is a software quality assurance engineer by day, master level LEGO builder and enthusiast by night. He’s an expert on pop culture, cinema, and of course, those little plastic bricks.