Today TK-421 shows you exclusive first pictures and outstanding test results of the new E-11 – the upcoming standard blaster rifle of the Imperial Forces. Enjoy increased precision, new firing modi and a reworked cooling system for much more power!

? About Stormtrooper Reviews: On his channel, reviewer TK-421 regularly presents the very latest equipment and gadgets of the Imperial Forces in his typical critical and detailed way. Directly from the Secret Weapons Research & Development department on Mucikanaa in the Quanta sector, you will learn today what will be up to date tomorrow!

It’s Yet Another Star Wars Fan Film, from Star Wars super-fans Robert Hranitzky of Munich, Germany and Can Erduman of Mainz, Germay.

From the creators’ Behance gallery page:

E-11 is a genre-mix of Star Wars and current trends of typical YouTube Review & Unboxing videos. However it still tells an underlying story. Combining many in-camera sets & effects, with high-quality visual effects it is created to be as accurate as possible to the real Star Wars shows. Mixed with witty humor, inside jokes and easter-eggs this fan film hopefully entertains fans around the world. Deep down it is a love letter to all the real creators of our favourite galaxy far, far away. 

The idea for “E-11: Standard Issues” was born when I was building the E-11 blaster for my Stormtrooper armor in 2017. I thought: what if a Stormtrooper would be a creator in his own universe and would review imperial gadgets!? My huge love for Star Wars and the inspiration it gave me as a child (as well as an adult) was a driving factor to create something that lives in this world too. The review part is inspired by my own reviews for tech and creative products but also by watching high-quality reviews by fellow creators like iJustineMKBHDPeter McKinnon and iPhonedo. Of course it is also meant to be a parody of current trends in tech and culture as well as content: everything needs to be unboxed and reviewed – EVERYTHING! Even an E-11 blaster, at least I think so. But also spoofing some of our day-to-day technology culprits!

And the results are both amazing to watch in terms of production value, immersive writing, and sheer comedy. The attention to detail sells the whole thing. There’s even a YouTube ad roll about a third of the way through.

star wars e-11 animation

The ability of Stormtroopers to somehow miss their targets no matter what they’re shooting at is, of course, a now legendary running gag, and this unboxing video checks all the boxes.

Hey, at least they hit the boxes.


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