Three Ravens Publishing’s William J. Roberts goes to the Superstars Writing Seminar in Colorado Springs. Here’s how it went.

Have you ever been part of a critique group or writing guild and felt like you were just spinning your wheels, learning nothing about the craft, where the meetings become a rerun of the previous ones with the same monotonous minutia that never makes sense?

I’ve been there myself. Between growing up in Southern West Virginia where information was lacking, to joining writing groups and guilds that I thought would help me to progress in the business and craft of writing, but none of them did.

I eventually learned about Literary Conventions, like ChattaCon, LibertyCon, and others, where I have attended, participated in panels, and was able to connect with my peers.

A few months ago, I made a tough decision to attend the Superstars Writing Seminar, which came with a hefty price tag, but the opportunity to take a step forward in my writing and publishing career was the possible outcome.

The biggest obstacle for me at the time really was the cost. After a few nudges from folks in my circle, I dropped the coins, took a chance, and signed up for the Superstars Writing Seminar. It would either be a total waste of cash and time, or it would be a more than worthwhile adventure. So, I packed my gear and set course for Colorado Springs, Colorado. Leaving on February 6th and returning February 14th.

The trip itself was a learning experience since I’d never driven west of the Mississippi River. I had the opportunity to experience the changing landscape from the foothills of the Appalachia mountains to the prairies to the high desert.

The Seminar itself is headed up by some big names in the industry like Kevin J. Anderson, David Farland, Eric Flint, Rebecca Moesta, and James Artimus Owen, as well as other guests like Jody Lynn Nye, Jim Butcher, Jonathan Maberry, and Malorie Cooper.

Jonathan Maberry’s workshop of bestselling pacing made so much sense, especially on his writing structure in order to keep the reader on the edge of their seat while reading his thrillers like the Joe Ledger series.

Then Jim Butcher’s workshop on how to write compelling antagonists and protagonists was eye opening on the level of detail that goes into creating his characters, even if the reader never sees all of those details.

Because of the loss of Superstars founder, David Farland, the initial feeling this year when walking in the door was a bit somber. But by the end of it all after an amazing Drawing out the Dragons speech by James Artimus Owen, his marriage proposal to Helen was accepted and it changed the vibe of the tribe to that of celebration and positivity.

After attending the Superstars Writing Seminar, I came out of it with so much more understanding of the business as well as validation in everything I have been doing in my own writing and how I have been running Three Ravens Publishing has been on course or a little ahead of the curve.

Besides meeting a number of top tier authors and publishers, I have truly found my tribe. The collection of talent that had come together was beyond my expectations. Nearly every moment of the seminar, whether during a panel or while chatting at the bar in the evening contained valuable information about the industry.

The amount of information presented from advertising and marketing to personal image and promotion of that image is almost overwhelming. Needless to say, my trip back to North Georgia was spent processing the experience and I have decided that I will be making this trip a regular occurrence.

Now, on top of all of this awesomeness, they also have a number of scholarships to help authors who are passionate and serious about a career in writing on the financial side of things.

Don Hodge Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Superstars’ beloved Tribe member, Don Hodge, scholarships to attend the seminars are awarded to deserving writers who would not financially be able to attend otherwise.

Superstars Expanding Universe Scholarship (NEW)

We’re making room for marginalized communities to apply for a special branch of the scholarships for our seminars. Our goal is to increase the diversity of Superstars and provide an opportunity for people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ persons who might not otherwise be able to afford the conference. We want to see the industry open up to these unique voices and interesting perspectives.

David Farland Writing Endowment Scholarship (NEW for 2023)

David Farland, one of the founders of Superstars, was a beloved member of the writing community, a mentor and coach to hundreds of talented new authors. In his best-known series, The Runelords, magic-users are able to transfer special powers, called “endowments,” to others. Thus, it’s exciting and appropriate for us to name this new scholarship after Dave and call it a “writing endowment.”

The David Farland Writing Endowment Scholarship recipients will receive the following: A full registration to Superstars, including Craft Day, a standard (coach) flight to Colorado Springs and transportation to the event venue, a five-night stay at the Antlers Hotel, and $50 per diem.

So, in conclusion, if you want to elevate your writing career to the next level, this seminar is well worth the money spent. If you are open minded to constructive criticism and guidance, you’ll come out of it knowing so much more, with mentors willing to help guide you, and a tribe of amazing and caring peers at your back.

To find out more about the seminar, go to

You can also get a discount of $100 on your registration by using the code THREERAVENSSSWS2023.

I’ve also collected a few comments from other attendees of this year’s seminar.

I expected it to fee like the deep end of a pool. It turned out to be a three-hundred-person jacuzzi.’

— Lazarus Black

#Clicketyclack, Keep priming the pump and sooner or later, Whoosh!’ (In response to Jim Butcher’s speech about not giving up.)

— Michael Morton

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William J. Roberts
William J. Roberts

William J. Roberts is an award-winning author, editor and publisher for Three Ravens Publishing.