Richard Foss, author and culinary historian, joins host Susan Fox on today’s episode of’s THE EVENT HORIZON. Richard Foss is the author of the book Food in the Air and Space: The Surprising History of Food and Drink in the Skies (Food on the Go.

The Event Horizon on

There is a surprising amount of science that goes into preparing and serving meals when the nearest kitchen is a lot deeper into the gravity well than you are.

In the history of cooking, there has been no more challenging environment than those craft in which humans took to the skies. The tale begins with meals aboard balloons and zeppelins, where cooking was accomplished below explosive bags of hydrogen, ending with space station dinners that were cooked thousands of miles below.

The episode for today’s show (Saturday November 6, 2021) of The Event Horizon with Richard Foss airs at 4 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern, and airs again tomorrow at the same time.

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