Kate Lethbridge-Stewart sits at her desk to deliver a pre-recorded message. Through the windows behind her, the cityscape is dark, glittering with lights switched on to keep the shadows at bay. The broken message she delivers between glitches in the video is grim, but tinged with hope.

…the universe will cease to exist in ninety minutes…you are essential to saving us.”

Welcome to Doctor Who: Time Fracture

The full length trailer for the immersive theatrical experience that dropped Friday depicts what claims to be found footage from an underground bunker, where a group of ordinary people enter an off-books UNIT facility to aid in an assignment for which they were hand picked by the Doctor herself. The featurette follows one such ordinary individual as they traverse through a fracture in time across the ages and the galaxy, looking for a means to stop the fracture from creating a series of energy spikes that will cause the destruction of the universe itself. Will the pieces for the device to repair the fracture be in Elizabethan England? Maybe in a Zaggit Zagoo bar? Maybe in a room full of mannequins and strange stone angels? Don’t blink, get ready to run, and maybe you can find out!

Trailer park

The interactive theatrical experience, located in London, England at Immersive Everywhere, a theater that has earned numerous accolades for its long running immersive theatrical production The Great Gatsby, features video appearances from numerous Doctor Who alumni such as Jemma Redgrave (Kate Lethbridge-Stewart), Alex Kingston (River Song), and the Doctor herself, Jodie Whittaker. There are also numerous audio appearances such as the modern voice of the Daleks and Cybermen, Nicholas Briggs, and past Doctors such as Four (Tom Baker, who also plays the Curator), Five (Peter Davison), Six (Colin Baker), and Seven (Sylvester McCoy). Others, such as Michael Troughton as the Second Doctor, step up to fill other various audio roles throughout the production.

Release of the four minute trailer promotes the re-opening of the production, which originally opened in May of 2021. Plagued by the interference of COVID, as well as flooding, regular performances of Time Fracture have been interrupted as recently as October. Now, with flood prevention upgrades, the UNIT offices are getting ready to open once again at the end of this month, taking fans on a trip across time and space to help everyone’s favorite flighty Time Lord save the universe yet again. During the show, the ever mobile audience will travel through familiar show locations filled with easter eggs such as scrawlings of BAD WOLF and VOTE SAXON posters, alongside an up close experience with screen used props from the show and musical performances by Silurians and more.

Doctor Who: Time Fracture reopens on November 26, 2021. For tickets and other related information, please check out the show’s website.

Now hurry – the universe needs your help. Geronimo!


Elizabeth Carlie
Elizabeth Carlie

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