Disney Wish‘s sister-ship. the Disney Wonder {imGE via DISNEY}

The ahipwrights haven’t finished building the Disney Wish yet. She won’t even be launched until the Spring of 2022, with her maiden cruise tentatively scheduled for June of 2022, The Disney Imagineers already have BIG PLANS for the passengers’ dinner time entertainment.

Anthony Mackie, formerly the MCU’s Falcon, mow Captain America, image via Disney}

Anthony Mackie, formerly the MCU’s Falcon and now the 21st century Captain America will be leading a cinematic dining experience, nay, a cinematic dining adventure the like of which you have never seen before.

Mackie has already recorded his [art pf of the interactive dining experience for the Disney Wish‘s Quantum Encounter . Joining him will be Kerry Condon reprising her role ashe rvoice of F.R.I.D.A.Y. and Ross Marquand as the voice of Ultron, Brie Larson as the voice of Captain Marvel, The show will follow the adventures of the Wasp and Ant-Man, also voiced by their original MCU actors, as they demonstrate the latest Pym technology. When they are interrupted by Ultron and his mechanical minions, Wasp and Ant-Man must ask Captain America and Captain Marvel for help, with all diners of the Disney Wish for backup. Another MCU superhero will make a surprise appearance during the show, but Disney isn’t saying who yet.

Hundreds of screens and special effects embedded in the restaurant bring this technological marvel to life.

Contact your travel agent to see for yourself during the summer of 2022.

And with Tlanand Remy in charge of the ship’s galley, you know the food will be AS GOOD as the entertainment.


Susan Macdonald
Susan Macdonald

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