Ever wonder how the parents of Lucy, Susan, Edmund and Peter C.S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia dealt with their kids vanishing into another world like that?

Well, it helped that time in the other world passed very differently than it does in ours. As for the rest of it? Well – it’s not easy being the mother of The Goblin Queen. 

Amber Lynn is the Goblin Queen. Her mother Winona tries to keep her daughter safe, but when a goblin follows her home, Winona must confront the reality of who her daughter has become. The film has two strong female characters, a knight in shining armor, a goblin, and a big sword fight (choreographed by the sword fighting team that did Master and Commander and Hook) all in under 11 minutes.

Writer / Director Reed Shusterman pulls off a small miracle with Goblin Queen. It’s a grand, mythic tale, involving armies of goblins, elves and humans, with heroics, epic battles, and a world whose fate hangs in the balance – and yet, the entire film takes place in a two story townhouse, with only a handful of actors. Shusterman does such a masterful job of pulling little tidbits into our world from the other, more magical one, that the reality of the world beyond goes completely unquestioned. Every detail that shows on screen is attended to most carefully. Nothing is left to chance. We don’t have to suspend our disbelief. We just believe.

From the Director

There’s no feeling in the world like the way a great epic fantasy makes you feel. From The Neverending Story to Labyrinth to Harry Potter, it reminds us that our world is wonderful precisely because there’s so much more that might be possible. I wanted to make the next Lord of the Rings, but that seemed like a big first step. And expensive. I had a big vision, but it was important to me everything looked great on the big screen.

In keeping the biggest elements of Goblin Queen off screen, it allowed me to tell a big, epic tale while keeping the focus on the characters at the heart of the story, while also examining a question I’ve always had about how the hell the children from the Chronicles of Narnia went back to a regular life after all their adventures.

That being said, we still made sure to have an epic sword fight with a scary goblin. This is a story about strong women, about being a good parent, about the responsibility to make the world — any world — a better place. This is a big story with the scope, if not the scale, of the biggest Hollywood epic fantasy. Do you search real money casinos that accept eCheck deposits? Here experts reviewed reliable eCheck online casinos that accept deposits and withdrawals. I’m really

We had a great festival run, playing in 15 or so festivals, including the San Diego Comic Con Film Festival, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival put on by Seattle’s EMP Museum, and the Catalina Film Festival. We won the award for Best Fantasy Short from the Fantasmagorical Film Festival, and our lead, Stacey Moseley, was nominated for an acting award at the Hyperdrive SciFi & Fantasy Film Festival in the UK. We’re happy with how it did, but the real goal of making this — anything creative really — is to show it to as many people as possible.

So, we’re very excited about the release of the film (on March 27th). We think it’s a really fun movie that will speak to a lot of people — fantasy fans, action fans, anyone who’s ever had a mother.

Cast of Goblin Queen

  • Winona – Stacey Mosely (The Muppets, Swan’s Crossing)
  • Amber Lynn – Amy Letcher (Black Sails)
  • Jedrick – J. Ellsworth Phillips
  • Garth – Ty Puttenvink
  • Goblin – Jamie Cline

About the Director

Reed Shusterman is the first in his family in three generations (on his mother’s side) to not go to college. Instead, he moved straight to Los Angeles and spent years reading scripts for various companies and contests, including NBC’s Writers On The Verge, where he still works.

Core Crew

  • Writer/Director – Reed Shusterman
  • Producer – Cindi Rice (Bite Me, Interns, Dungeon Bastard – she also produces for Songhammer & Team Unicorn)
  • Cinematography – John Gardiner
  • Special Effects Makeup – Michael Dinetz
  • Stunts/Fight Choreography – Jan Bryand and Dan Speaker (Hook, Master and Commander)
  • Creature Movement Director – Paradox Pollack (Thor, I Am Legend)

Festival List

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival (Seattle)
  • Juggernaut Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Film Festival (Chicago)
  • Filmquest Festival (Salt Lake City)
  • Comic Con International Film Festival (San Diego)
  • Fantasmagorical Film Festival (Louisville)
  • Hyperdrive SciFi & Fantasy Film Festival (London)
  • Catalina Film Festival (Catalina)
  • Fargo Fantastic Film Festival (Fargo)
  • Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival (Buffalo)
  • GeekFest Film Festival (multiple stops across North America)


SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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