Bound for Nar Shadaa is the latest Star Wars shanty from the Rowan the Bard. Sea shanties have captured the internet’s imagination, but Rowan the Bard has grabbed the meme with both hands and headed for the stars.

Today’s song, Bound for Nar Shadaa, tells the tale of a hopeful young trader convinced that Nar Shadaa is the planet where he most wants to be, and a seasoned ship’s captain telling him why going there, especially for him, is such a terrible idea. The kid isn’t listening. At all.

Nar Shadaa comes not from the movies, but from the games. It figures prominently in the computer game Star Wars: The Old Republic. The web site Swtorista details this year’s special event on Nar Shadaa, where you can go on vacation from your usual smuggler’s runs and gamble your credits away.


Nar Shaddaa was the largest moon of the planetNal Hutta, which was located in the Hutt Space region of the Outer Rim Territories.[14] An ecumenopolis, its surface was covered entirely in urban sprawl. Its city lights were visible from space.[2] The capital of Nar Shaddaa was Hutta Town, which was made up of huge tower blocks with a patchwork of shanty town structures called skyslums filling every available space between the towers.[14] It was ruled by Grakkus the Hutt.[11] Other settlements included Wormstew Town,[8] and the Corellian Sector.[5] Some known locations on Nar Shaddaa including the Palace of Grakkus the Hutt, which hosted a gladiatorial arena, a seedy bar owned by an unscrupulous Zabrak bartender,[2] and Wormstew Town hospital.[8]

Rowan the Bard releases this one as the eleventh in the series, the collection of them running the gamut from tearful, humorous to simply inspiring. You can hear Rowan’s songs here on, or see all of them on his YouTube channel, Twin Suns Entertainment.

His shanties take the subtext of Han Solo’s experiences and bring them to life in music. We hope you enjoy this one, and stay tuned to for more.


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