Jupiter’s Legacy | Official Teaser
Josh Duhamel on set in Toronto as The Utopian with a purple villain

The second generation of heroes struggle to live up to their parents in ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’.

The second generation of heroes struggle to live up to their parents in ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’. Mark Millar is the creative mind behind both KICK-ASS and Kingsman. Netflix acquired Millar’s publishing company Millarworld in a massive deal on 7 August 2017. Netflix said the acquisition was a natural progression in the company’s effort to work directly with prolific and skilled creators and to acquire intellectual property and ownership of stories. Millar said: “I’m so in love with what Netflix is doing and excited by their plans. Netflix is the future and Millarworld couldn’t have a better home.”

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said Mr Millar was “as close as you can get to a modern day Stan Lee.”

Millar previously worked at Marvel for eight years where he developed the comic books and story arcs that inspired the first Avengers movie, Captain America: Civil War, and Logan (Wolverine). He also has worked for DC comics (Superman Adventures).

In 2018, Netflix announced that work had started work on the first set of films to be adapted from Mark’s comics. These were: Empress, Huck and Sharkey the Bounty Hunter. The streamer greenlit comic book series Jupiter’s Legacy and American Jesus as television series. The Magic Order, about families of magicians, was published to great success in 2018. Netflix was quick to develop it as a series. Now that’s being retooled, and Jupiter will be out first.

Jupiter’s Legacy is based on the graphic novels by Millar and Frank Quitely, the eight-episode series centers on the second generation of superheroes, who “struggle to live up to their parents’ legendary public reputations — and exacting personal standards.” (from the press release)

The first season, described as “an epic superhero drama that spans decades and navigates the complex dynamics of family, power and loyalty,” debuts on Friday, May 7.

The Netflix series stars Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, Ben Daniels, Elena Kampouris, Andrew Horton, Mike Wade and Matt Lanter. Sang Kyu Kim is showrunner

Cast of Characters:

  • Josh Duhamel (Transformers: The Last Knight) as Sheldon Sampson, leader of the superhero team, The Utopian
  • Ben Daniels (The Crown) as Walter Sampson, Sheldon’s older brother
  • Leslie Bibb (Iron Man) as Grace Sampson, Sheldon’s wife and one of the most powerful heroes on the planet
  • Elena Kampouris (Children of the Corn) as Chloe Sampson, Grace and Sheldon’s daughter
  • Andrew Horton as Brandon Sampson, Grace and Sheldon’s son
  • Mike Wade as Fitz Small, one of the most valued members of The Union
  • Matt Lanter (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) as George Hutchene, Sheldon’s closest ally before turning against him and the rest of his teammates in The Union
  • Anna Akana (YouTube star) as Raikou, a hero for hire who wields two swords
  • Chase Tang as supervillain Baryon

Millar and Quitely executive produce alongside Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (Transformers), Dan McDermott (Eagle Eye), Steven S. DeKnight, James Middleton and Sang Kyu Kim (The Walking Dead). Daredevil boss Steven S. DeKnight was initially set to serve as showrunner, but exited the series in 2019, citing creative differences.

Stephanie Economou (Manhunt: Deadly Games, Marvel 616) is scoring the show – with live orchestra!

In May 2020, Mark Millar confirmed what comics would be covered in the Netflix series. He calls it a “combination” of Jupiter’s Legacy 1 and 2 plus Jupiter’s Circle 1 and 2.

A sequel comic book has been confirmed by Mark Millar to release “four weeks after S1 starts streaming”.


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