The late greatly missed Stan Lee was known for his creativity, his kindness, and his incredible moral compass. He was also known for speaking his mind. Lee’s former sound engineer Aaron Fromm captured the very essence of Lee in a recording that showcases the Marvel legend going off on a hilariously profane rant that had everyone in the studio laughing.

Fromm collaborated with artist Kosperry to animate this oddly heartwarming glimpse into the man’s great mind, calling it “Sessions with Stan”.

“This is a real recording, from one of my favorite memories of the old man.”

Part of what makes this piece so charming, despite Lee’s profanity, is the sincerity of it. This was how Stan was, full of creativity and kindness, and known for his strong moral compass.

The animation is true artistry. Students of animation will recognize the 12 Principles of Animation at work here. It’s almost a master class in the subject. The attention to detail is astonishing, frankly, and the more you look the more there is to see, from the crumped papers on the ground that missed the wastebasket to the fringes of hair behind Stan’s ears, to the soft shadow on the floor. The characterization is magical, and animation students could go back and study this work frame by frame.

Below are images from Aaron Fromm’s Instagram account, showing the character design and the raw background plate used for the animation.

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