Rijeka, the coastal city in Croatia in which the annual convention Rikon has already been held twenty-two times, has won the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture 2020. To join in this celebration, the SF society 3. zmaj, is announcing Futuricon – Eurocon 2020.

Although planned as a regular convention, COVID-19 situation caused it to be moved online, so instead of only European fans attending, this years Eurocon is a Worldwide Online Event, October 2-4 2020.

Some parts of the convention will be available to public via official Eurocon site, while others will be open only for participants.

If you are into cosplay, here is the info how to be a part of Eurocon, straight from the source:

Futuricon Cosplay Show

The Cosplay show is an important part of our convention. It is joy and entertainment as much for the organizers as for cosplayers and audience.

Even though Futuricon is a virtual convention, we still want to give cosplayers an opportunity to present their work and costumes. We know and we understand that it’s not the same, but still, dear cosplayers, don’t be discouraged!

Choose a costume, old or new, film yourself and show the fans across Europe what you’ve got. You can also do it with your friends and cosplay partners-in-crime if you prefer cosplaying in a group. Make a short video performance or a presentation of your cosplay, fill out this short form and upload your video (the upload link is in the form) and we’ll include it in our convention as a part of the Video Cosplay Show.

Duration: max 2 minutes

Submission deadline: 23 September 2020 at 23:59

Cosplay is, at least for us, all about having fun. And even though we can’t have fun together in one place, we can give you a platform to show what you love doing and what you’re good at.

Prizes, you ask? The best videos, voted by the audience, will get a prize, most likely in the form of coupons for stores and shops where you can purchase more materials. We’ll announce the exact prizes in an update soon. So, choose your costume, record a video and let us handle the rest.


We at www.scifi.radio will keep you informed about all things Eurocon!


Ivan Majstorovic
Ivan Majstorovic

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