We almost didn’t publish this, because we figured you’d have to be living under a rock not to know about Rocky Perry’s Luke Banderloft fantasy adventure series of novels – but when we saw the Kickstarter for the web series he plans to make out of it, we decided to jump on the story.

Luke Banderloft isn’t exactly human.  Not quite.  He’s a Twilerian, a member of a silver-skinned elf-like race.  In Luke Banderloft and the McFarven Pirates, he stumbles into The Gate District without friend or hope. An outcast among outcasts, Luke quickly finds himself at the behest of The Red Hook, his band of thieves and the larger forces that control the lurid slums of Safekeep.  He’s in the murky shadows among the unsavory, unclean and immoral. Misfortune, poor luck and ill omens have led him from the distant shores of his home to this most desperate corner of the corrupt city of Safekeep.

In a city populated with scoundrels, magicians, giants and other strange creatures, Luke must keep his friend’s close, his enemies closer and his cards even closer to his chest.  The play is Cut-throat and winning is the difference between fortune and death.

Luke Banderloft and the McFarven Pirates blends American history with its mythology for an adventure that excites the senses.  One of the encouraging features of this Kickstarter is that they’re not asking for their entire production budget – just enough to get season 1 finished.  They’ve already done so much, and they’re eagerly advancing on the finish line to release their first production season’s work on an unsuspecting world.

If you’ve never done Kickstarter before, don’t worry – you don’t have to pay anything at all if they don’t meet their funding goal.  If they do, your credit card will be billed, and they then send out the fundraiser perk for the level of contribution you made.  You probably hear this a lot about fundraising, but every little dollar counts.  If all you have is a buck, then pledge it.  If everybody who thought that a dollar or five dollars wouldn’t make enough of a difference to bother with, most of these deserving projects – and in particular, this one – could be funded almost immediately.

Personally, we think this trailer looks really good, and it shows that they’re capable and ready to get the job done.

Go be a backer.

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SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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